Who We Are

Everything we do, we do together

This approach has, among other things, allowed us to be up and running for many years. It’s quite simple: if our customers are not successful, we are not successful. And so it’s important to work together. To use each other’s knowledge and experience to move forward. Think  and act from a common goal.

My name is Fatima Awẹ́lẹ́wà and I am the business owner. We are not just a supplier, we are a business partner and support our customers in their company. We give our customers access to our exclusive professional photos and videos and we help our customers with effectively showing their collections to our inquirers. On top of that we choose to have large amounts of fabrics in stock and an enormous variety of designs and fabrics so our customers can always meet the demands of today’s market. Success is a choice – go for it.

Textile is a particularly nice product. There is so much emotion involved in textiles and that’s what makes working in this sector so enjoyable. The love of textile and beautiful fabrics is what thrives and connects our people. Your quality is guaranteed, my family name is on the line.


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